International Day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition

Between two worlds: A poem that inspires action against modern slavery

Malaysian poet Nazreen Mohamad reads his powerful poem “Between two worlds” with Filipino domestic worker Rizalina Miranda accompanying him on the piano.

Date issued: 22 August 2019 | Size/duration: 06:02
More than 40 million people are in modern slavery, including 25 million in forced labour. But what do these figures really mean? Shining a light on the grim working conditions of those trapped in forced labour, the two artists collaborate to tell a personal story of a mother and daughter trapped in a vicious circle of poverty, and exploitation. The poem traces the entire journey of how people fall prey to traffickers and are enslaved.

In the end the poem calls on everyone to take action against modern slavery just like the rescuer in the poem who refused to stay quiet. “… that was on person. Imagine what all of us could do together.”

Take a stand today and join the movement against modern slavery at 50 For Freedom.

This video was produced by the Project Liber8, with the support of the International Labour Organization, and the USDOL-funded Bridge project.

“Project Liber8 is a non-profit organisation that aims to shift attitudes and behaviour toward the issue of human trafficking and exploitation through youth mobilisation, public education, technology, research and creating strong partnerships.”