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  1. Voices from the Factory Floor

    24 May 2016

    What would you ask the people who make your clothes? They number around sixty million worldwide – 80 per cent of them women – all employed in the global garment industry. The factories they work in provide valuable jobs that can improve livelihoods and lift communities out of poverty. Yet, poor working conditions remain a challenge across the sector.

  1. After years of war, many people in Cambodia were handicapped by landmines and are forced to earn a living by begging in public places.

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  1. Special coverage

    ILO organizes events with the participation of heads of States, public leaders or key figures from the civil society.

  1. Photos of the Director-General

    A selection of official photographs of Guy Ryder.

  1. International Labour Conference, 67th session, June 1981, Lech Walesa

    Historical photographs

    Defining moments and key personalities are captured in this collection of photographs from 1919 on.