Tripartite Strategic Compliance Planning Workshop in Malaysia

The Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) and the ILO organized a tripartite strategic compliance planning workshop for labour regulators in Peninsular Malaysia, funded by USDOL-Labour Law Reform project.

News | 14 February 2019
The Labour Department for Peninsular Malaysia, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), and the Social Security Organization (SOCSO), as well as representatives from the Malaysian Trade Union Confederation (MTUC), and the Malaysian Employer's Federation (MEF) selected five priority sectors for improved compliance with labour law in Peninsular Malaysia as a result of tripartite dialogue. Participants analysed the structure of business models to identify areas of low compliance and recurrent labour law challenges. Finally, a set of interventions covering areas of enforcement, capacity development, communication as well as systemic and political actions were designed to feed into existing work of the three inspection services towards improving labour law compliance in these five sectors.