Regional consultation meeting: Good practises in labour administration and inspection in the Americas

In June 2010, the ILO's Governing Body put an item for general discussion on the agenda of the upcoming 100th Session of the International Labour Conference dealing with labour administration and labour inspection. It invited the Office to prepare an initial document to orient governments and the social partners on the development and structure of the eventual ILC Report. It decided that the Conference Report should provide general information on good practices in labour administration and labour inspection to enrich the June 2011 general discussion.

Meeting | Lima, Peru | 27 April 2011
As a result, the present regional consultation meeting was organized for high level officials from national labour administration systems across South America as well as Mexico and Cuba to share good practices ahead of the Conference discussion. The participating officials are responsible for the management of their national labour inspection systems as well as being directly in charge of following the discussions during the ILC on behalf of their respective countries. A similar meeting to share good practices is also being organized by the ILO for Central American countries.