Chinese national seminar on strengthening labour inspection services

The Director of LAB/ADMIN (Mr. Giuseppe Casale) and Senior Labour Administration and Inspection Specialist (Ms. Maria Luz Vega) participated in a national seminar on strengthening labour inspection services on 15 February in Beijing.

Seminar | Beijing, China | 15 February 2011
The proposals that emerged during the seminar were largely oriented towards strengthening the LI system in China and the closer involvement of workers and employers in labour inspection activities. The seminar confirmed that China is committed to its twelve-year LI plan to develop an efficient and coherent inspection system. One of the main points highlighted for development was the need to improve the network-based management system. This system combines project education and data collection at the provincial and street levels in line with standards set by the Central Authority.

While in Beijing, the ILO mission team and ILO-Beijing colleagues also met with Chinese officials to explore possibilities for South-South cooperation and to define a set of activities for 2011 under the Norwegian funded technical cooperation project on labour inspection.