Strengthening Labour Inspection Services in Oman

A national workshop on “Strengthening Labour Inspection Services” took place in Oman (2-4 October 2009). Mr Giuseppe Casale, Director of Labour Administration and Inspection Programme LAB/ADMIN, gave a presentation and met both Mr H.E. Abdulla Nassar Al-Bakry, Minister of Manpower and Mr Sultan Adim Al-Shereiqi, Director of Labour Inspection. The workshop, organised with the cooperation of SRO Beirut, was attended by more than 160 labour inspectors.

Workshop | Oman | 25 March 2010
The training courses were so successful that were reflected in the Omani press. The Omani Arabic daily “Shabiba”, reported a few words by the labour inspectors: “The training provided to us by the ILO experts was of a great value in strengthening our capacities as labour inspectors”; “There was a great benefit in understanding the ILO Conventions related to labour inspection, forced labour, trafficking and child labour and learning the best procedures of conducting effective labour inspection visits”; “we learnt more about occupational safety and health, trade unions and having better communication with employers and workers”; “We benefited from other countries’ experiences which were presented to us, knew more about our Omani labour law and best methods of enforcing it and learnt how to prevent work related problems before they become serious labour disputes”.