Employment Working Group

2021 Annual International Migration and Forced Displacement Trends and Policies Report to the G20

During the COVID-19 pandemic, migrants and refugees were and still are among the most vulnerable groups on the labour market. At the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia, leaders declared their aim to "mitigate the impact of the pandemic on those in vulnerable situations, which may include refugees, migrants and forcibly displaced people; respond to growing humanitarian needs; and address the root causes of displacement”. This joint report by the OECD, ILO, IOM and UNHCR provides a basis for discussion and policy making. The first part presents the latest figures on migration flows and stocks in G20 countries, including student migration and forced displacement. The second part analyses how G20 countries adjusted management of migration in reaction to the pandemic. It includes a contribution from WHO on its efforts to support migrants and refugees. The third part looks at the adaptation of migration governance to the recovery challenge. The report concludes noting shared upcoming challenges for the G20.