1. Unprotected Employment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: A Gender Equality and Workers' Rights Perspective (Also available in Arabic)

    02 June 2008

  2. Brochure - Formula for Progress: Educate both girls and boys!

    27 May 2008

  3. Campaign leaflet Gender equality at the heart of decent work, 2008-2009

    22 May 2008

  4. Policy Brief 2 - Protecting Workers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

    12 May 2008

  5. ILO Gender Equality Action Plan 2008-09

    10 April 2008

    At the November 2007 session in Geneva of the ILO Governing Body, a revised Gender Action Plan 2008-09 was presented and overwhelmingly received.

  6. Small Change, Big Changes: Women and Microfinance

    27 March 2008

  7. Women, Gender and the Informal Economy: An Assessment of ILO Research and Suggested Ways Forward

    27 March 2008

  8. Factsheet on Investing in Decent Work for Women

    27 March 2008


  1. ILO Gender News: No. 14, November 2007

    20 November 2007

  2. ABC of Women Worker’s Rights and Gender Equality

    02 October 2007

    Second edition

  3. ILO Participatory Gender Audits

    04 September 2007

    ILO uses participatory gender audits to promote individual and organizational learning on ways to mainstream gender in order to help achieve equality between women and men.

  4. Girls in Mining: Research Findings from Ghana, Niger, Peru and United Republic of Tanzania

    24 August 2007

  5. A manual for gender audit facilitators. The ILO participatory gender audit methodology

    13 July 2007

    This manual provides gender audit facilitators with guidelines and practical instructions on how to plan and implement participatory gender audits in an organizational context. Structured chronologically, the manual is a step-by-step guide that provides the facilitators with a set of tools that help examine the extent to which equality is being institutionalized; identify good practices in technical work and point to effective and efficient ways of moving forward in mainstreaming gender in all work activities, thereby supporting an organization's commitment to gender equality.

  6. Good Practices in Promoting Gender Equality in ILO Technical Cooperation Projects

    02 April 2007

  7. ILO Gender News: International Women's Day, 8 March 2007 – Special Issue on Women and Migration

    08 March 2007

  8. Gender Equality Around the World

    01 March 2007

    Articles from World of Work magazine 1999-2006


  1. ILO Gender News: No. 12, September 2006

    21 September 2006

  2. Overview of Gender-responsive Budget Initiatives

    22 July 2006

    A Discussion Paper for ILO Staff on the Relevance of Gender-responsive Budget Initiatives in Promoting Gender Equality in Decent Work Country Programme

  3. ILO Gender News: Special Issue - International Women's Day 8 March 2006

    08 March 2006

  4. Security Guidelines for Women

    01 January 2006