2 July 2010

Promoting Gender Equality in the World of Work in Brazil, Angola, South Africa, India, China (BASIC) Knowledge Sharing Forum

The Norwegian funded BASIC project has been operational throughout 2010.The purpose of the knowledge sharing forum is for project staff and ILO constituents to reflect and share information on what they have achieved under the project, and to learn from each other in how they may advance gender equality in the world of work going forward.

The objective of the workshop is for ILO staff and constituents: to share the main products, outcomes and lessons learned under the BASIC project and identify “good practices” to be disseminated; to detect the key elements which have posed challenges in the implementation of the project, and to jointly seek resolutions; to strengthen networking, partnerships and international cooperation in the area of promoting gender equality in the workplace; and to disseminate initial findings of the project evaluation, and assist the evaluation team fine-tune these findings. The main findings of the workshop will be documented in a report prepared following the activity.