ILO meets with European Institute for Gender Equality

Ms Virginija Langbakk and Ms Barbara Wurster, respectively Director and Head of Operations of the Lithuania-based European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) came to ILO HQ to share information, gain ideas for best practices, and explore future collaboration on gender equality in the world of work.

At this first ILO-EIGE meeting, EIGE’s mandate and priorities were presented. Key ILO units/programmes – Bureau for Gender Equality, Conditions of Work and Employment Programme, International Institute for Labour Studies, Department of Statistics, Policy Integration Department and ILO/ITC-Turin – all shared information on ILO work on gender equality vis-à-vis EIGE. Subject areas that received particular interest during the discussions included statistics and indicators, gender-based violence, work and family, and research on emerging issues such as gender concerns in responding to the global economic crisis.