New International Labour Standard on HIV and AIDS

In June 2010, a Recommendation on HIV/AIDS and the world of work was adopted by the International Labour Organization. The Recommendation covers “all workers under all forms or arrangements, and at all workplaces”. It notes that “women and girls are at greater risk and are more vulnerable to HIV infection and are disproportionately affected by the HIV pandemic compared to men as a result of gender inequality, and that women’s empowerment is therefore a key factor in the global response to HIV and AIDS”.

Among measures recommended that should be taken in or through the workplace to reduce HIV-transmission are:

  • respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • gender equality and the empowerment of women, as well as measures to prevent and prohibit violence and harassment in the workplace;
  • active participation of both women and men in the response to HIV and AIDS ;
  • involvement and empowerment of all workers regardless of their sexual orientation and whether or not they belong to a vulnerable group;
  • protection of sexual and reproductive health and sexual and reproductive rights of women and men; and
  • effective confidentiality of personal data, including medical data.

A booklet containing the text of Recommendation 200 is available on ILO/AIDS website