Team at headquarters

Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch (GED)

Ms. Shauna Olney

Mr. Raphael Crowe
Senior Gender Specialist

Ms. Adrienne Cruz
Senior Gender Specialist

Ms. Laura Addati
Maternity Protection and Work-Family Specialist

Ms. Valeria Esquivel
Economist, Gender Specialist

Mr. Esteban Tromel
Senior Disability Specialist

Mr. Eric Carlson
Disability Specialist

Mr. Jurgen Menze
Junior Professional Officer

Mr. Martin Oelz
Senior Specialist on Equality and Non-Discrimination

Mr. Rishabh Dhir
Technical Officer

Ms. Ilka Schoellmann
Technical Specialist on Equality and Non-Discrimination

Ms. Mari Schlanbusch
Junior Professional Officer

ILO Gender Network

Director-General’s Office (CABINET)

  • Ms. Audrey Esposito (Gender Coordinators team member)

Reporting to the Director-General (DGREPORTS)

Office of the Legal Adviser (JUR)

  • Ms. Giovanna Beaulieu
  • Mr. Tilmann Geckeler

Treasurer and Financial Comptroller (TR/CF)

Procurement Bureau (PROCUREMENT)

  • Ms. Francis Paola Burga Bravo De Rueda
  • Mr. Walter Grandpré

Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP)

  • Ms. Ilka Schoellmann (Gender Coordinators team member)

Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV)

  • Ms. Amrita Sietaram (Gender Coordinators team member)

Evaluation Office (EVAL)

  • Ms. Naomi Asukai (Gender Coordinators team member)

Internal Audit and Oversight Office (IAO)

  • Mr. Anthony Watson

ILO Office, Washington D.C.

  • Ms. Andrea Cuba Sanchez

Policy Portfolio

Research Department (RESEARCH)

  • Ms. Uma Rani Amara (Gender Coordinators team member)

Department of Statistics (STATISTICS)

  • Ms. Marie-Claire Sodergren (Gender Coordinators team member)
  • Ms. Monica Castillo (Alternate Gender Coordinators team member)

International Labour Standards Department (NORMES)

Application of Standards Branch (APPL)

  • Ms. Katerine Landuyt (Gender Coordinator)
  • Mr. Kroum Markov

Freedom of Association (LIBSYND)

  • Mr. Samir Koufane
  • Ms. Amanda Mejia Cañadas

Employment Policy Department (EMPLOYMENT)

Skills and Employability Branch (SKILLS)

  • Mr. Kazutoshi Chatani

Development and Investment Branch (DEVINVEST)

  • Ms. Maria Teresa Gutierrez (Alternate Gender Coordinator)

Employment and Labour Markets Branch (EMPLAB)

  • Ms. Naoko Otobe (Gender Coordinator)
  • Mr. Jean Paul Barbier

Enterprises Department (ENTERPRISES)

Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit (MULTI)

  • Ms. Annie Van Klaveren (Gender Coordinator)

Small Enterprises Unit

  • Ms. Amélie Duval

Cooperatives Unit (COOP)

  • Mr. Waltteri Katajamaki (Alternate Gender Coordinator)

Social Finance Unit (SFU)

  • Ms. Lisa Morgan

Green Jobs Unit

  • Ms. Karin Isaksson

Social Protection Department (SOCPRO)

Social Policy, Governance and Standards Branch (SOC/POLICY)

  • Ms. Emmanuelle Saint-Pierre Guilbault (Gender Coordinator)

Public Finance, Actuarial and Statistics Services Branch (SOC/PFACTS)

  • Ms. Cristina Lloret

Governance and Tripartism Department (GOVERNANCE)

Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADMIN/OSH)

  • Ms. Yuka Ujita

Better Work Branch (BETTERWORK)

  • Ms. Arianna Rossi

Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch (FPRW)

  • Ms. Lisa Wong (Alternate Gender Coordinator)
  • Ms. Caroline O'Reilly

Social Dialogue and Tripartism Unit (DIALOGUE)

  • Ms. Angelika Muller (Gender Coordinator)

Labour Law and Reform Unit

  • Ms. Yoshie Noguchi

Conditions of Work and Equality Department (WORKQUALITY)

Inclusive Labour Markets, Labour Relations and Working Conditions Branch (INWORK)

  • Mr. Naj Ghosheh

Labour Migration Branch (MIGRANT)

  • Ms. Maria Gallotti

Sectoral Activities Department (SECTOR)

Transport and Maritime Unit (MARITRANS)

  • Ms. Alejandra Cruz Ross (Gender Coordinator)

Public and Private Services Unit (SERVICES)

  • Mr. Oliver Liang (Alternate Gender Coordinator)

Management and Reform Portfolio

Internal Services and Administration Department (INTSERV)

Facilities Management Branch (FACILITIES)

  • Mr. Raynald Dubuis

Document Production Branch (PRODOC)

  • Mr. José A. Garcia

Information and Technology Management Department (INFOTEC)

Information Management Services Branch (IMS)

  • Ms. Richelle Van Snellenberg (Gender Coordinators team member)
  • Ms. Hala El-Gohary

Human Resources Development Department (HRD)

Talent Management Branch (HR/TALENT)

  • Ms. Suzanne Pedersen (Gender Coordinators team member)

Official Meetings, Documentation and Relations Department (RELMEETINGS)

Official Documentation Branch (OFFDOC)

  • Ms. Simar Proust

Official Relations and Meetings Branch (RELOFF)

  • Ms. Regine De Loof

Department of Communication and Public Information (DCOMM)

  • Ms. Rosalind Yarde

Field Operations and Partnerships Portfolio

International Training Centre (ITC-ILO)

  • Mr. Alessandro Chiarabini (Gender Coordinators team member)
  • Ms. Benedetta Magri (Alternate Gender Coordinators team member)

Europe and Central Asia (EUROPE)

  • Mr. Daniel Smith

Partnerships and Field Support Department (PARDEV)

  • Ms. Ester Gomez (Gender Coordinators team member)

Multilateral Cooperation Department (MULTILATERALS)

  • Ms. Kirsten Schapira-Felderhoff (Gender Coordinators team member)

ILO Staff Union (SYNDICAT)

  • Ms. Katerina Tsotroudi

International Social Security Association (ISSA)

  • Ms. Maribel Ortiz