Decision on the 11th item on the agenda: Report of the Committee on Legal Issues and International Labour Standards

Record of decisions | 16 May 2008

First part: Legal issues

The Governing Body requested the Director-General to:

(a) renew the invitation, on its behalf, to concerned member States to accede to the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies and apply Annex I relating to the ILO in the very near future;

(b) continue to report periodically on the situation of privileges and immunities in the member States and, in particular, in the context of DWCPs, the “Delivering as One” UN pilot countries and the field structure review; and

(c) consider further measures to address, from the perspective of risk assessment and risk reduction, the lack of recognition of privileges and immunities in those member States that were not yet a party to the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies or had not applied Annex I relating to the ILO.

(GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 13.)

The Governing Body:

(a) approved the amendments proposed to the Rules for Regional Meetings, as indicated in Appendix I to document GB.301/11(Rev.), taking into account the views expressed in the Committee;

(b) requested the Office to make additional adaptations needed to reflect gender inclusiveness in the amended Rules in the English, French and Spanish versions;

(c) recommended that, under article 38, paragraph 2, of the Constitution of the International Labour Organization, the Conference confirm the revised Rules for Regional Meetings at its 97th Session;

(d) approved the amendment to article 2.3.1 of the Standing Orders of the Governing Body, as indicated in Appendix II to document GB.301/11(Rev.); and

(e) requested the Director-General to subsequently prepare a revised Introductory Note, reflecting the above amendments and taking into account the discussion in Committee, to be submitted to the November 2008 session of the Governing Body for its approval.

(GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 25.)

The Governing Body decided to invite the Conference, at its 97th Session, to adopt the amendments described in paragraphs 8, 19, 20, 22 and 23 of document GB.301/LILS/3(Rev). (GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 33.)

The Governing Body approved the text of the proposed agreement between the International Labour Organization and the UNWTO, and authorized the Director-General or his representative to sign the agreement on behalf of the ILO. (GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 41.)

Second part: International labour standards and human rights

The Governing Body invited the Office:

(a) to continue to implement the interim plan of action approved at its 300th Session (November 2007) in light of the comments made during the November 2007 and March 2008 sessions;

(b) to make appropriate arrangements in view of holding consultations on standards policy not later than November 2008;

(c) to make appropriate arrangements in view of holding consultations on the status of Convention No. 158 and Recommendation No. 166 not later than November 2008; and

(d) to prepare a report on the implementation of the interim plan of action to the 303rd Session of the Governing Body (November 2008), including:

(i) a summary of the possible implications of the SILC discussion in June 2008 for the implementation of the standards-related strategy;

(ii) a further study on the dynamics of the supervisory system, from a substantive and practical standpoint, based on an appropriate selection of cases, the terms of reference of which would be defined following appropriate consultations.

(GB.301/11, paragraph 84.)

The Governing Body took note of this section of the report. (GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraphs 85–92.)

The Governing Body adopted the report form on the unratified Conventions and Recommendations (article 19 of the Constitution): the Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention, 1978 (No. 151), the Labour Relations (Public Service) Recommendation, 1978 (No. 159), the Collective Bargaining Convention, 1981 (No. 154), and the Collective Bargaining Recommendation, 1981 (No. 163), as amended (see GB.301/11(Rev.), Appendix V). (GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 99.)

The Governing Body adopted the report form on the application of ratified Conventions (article 22 of the Constitution): the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188), as amended (see GB.301/11(Rev.), Appendix VI). (GB.301/11(Rev.), paragraph 106.)