Decision on the sixth item on the agenda: Report and conclusions of the 11th African Regional Meeting (Addis Ababa, 24-27 April 2007)

Record of decisions | 20 December 2007

The Governing Body requested the Director-General:

(a) to draw the attention of the governments of member States of the African region and, through them, that of their national employers’ and workers’ organizations, to the conclusions adopted by the Meeting, in particular, the time-bound targets they contain, and to the resolution on Africa’s representation on the Governing Body of the International Labour Office;

(b) to take these conclusions into consideration when implementing current programmes and in developing future programme and budget proposals;

(c) to transmit the text of the conclusions:

  • (i) to the governments of all member States and, through them, to national employers’ and workers’ organizations;
  • (ii) to the international organizations concerned, including the international non governmental organizations having consultative status; and

decided to place a document on the composition of the Governing Body, including reference to the 1986 Instrument of Amendment to the ILO Constitution on the agenda of its 301st Session.

(GB.300/6, paragraph 146.)