Decision concerning the finalization of arrangements for the public dialogues with candidates for the position of Director-General and preparation of the hearings and election to be held during the 344th Session (March 2022)

Record of decisions | 11 November 2021
The Governing Body, on the recommendation of its Officers:

(a) decided that the dialogues with candidates scheduled on 20 and 21 January 2022 will be organized in accordance with the arrangements contained in the appendix to document GB.343/INS/14/1(Rev.1); and

(b) requested its Officers to prepare and submit for decision by correspondence, in early February 2022, the process and practical arrangements for the hearings and election of the Director-General to be held during the 344th Session of the Governing Body (March 2022).

(GB.343/INS/14/1(Rev.1), paragraph 8)