331st Session of the ILO Governing Body

Enhanced programme of development cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

This document reports on progress made and planned ILO interventions within the context of the programme of development cooperation in the occupied Arab territories. It highlights ongoing ILO initiatives addressing the situation of workers and key challenges. The Governing Body is invited to: (a) take note of the continuously difficult situation for Palestinian workers and their families and support the ILO in further promoting the Decent Work Agenda and social justice in the occupied Arab territories; (b) take note of the progress made and the challenges faced in the implementation of the current Decent Work Programme; and (c) lend further support to the new Decent Work Programme (2018–22) and take note of the need for resource mobilization to support its implementation and realization of its objectives, including with regards to the operationalization of the newly established Palestinian Social Security Corporation (PSSC) (see paragraphs 29–32).

Conference paper | Policy Development Section | 06 October 2017