Institutional Section

Review of the implementation of the ILO–ISO agreements

As decided by the Governing Body at its 325th Session, this document reports on further developments in the pilot implementation of the Agreement between the International Labour Organization and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which was authorized by the Governing Body and signed in 2013. As a result of unrelated delays, definitive results of the pilot remain pending, and the Governing Body is invited: to renew its last decision on the matter that the Office continue its effective participation in the completion of ISO 45001; to postpone the final Office report on the pilot, and any further decision on the Agreement, to the earliest Governing Body session after final disposition of ISO 45001; and to request the Office to submit a document for information on any significant developments to its 329th Session (March 2017). In the event that ISO 45001 is published prior to the Governing Body review of the matter, the Governing Body is further invited to authorize its Officers to provide guidance to the Office on the position to be taken in relation to the publication of ISO 45001 (see the draft decision in paragraph 15).

Conference paper | 19 October 2016