Policy Development Section (POL)

Employment and Social Protection Segment

  1. 1

    ‎Area of critical importance: Protecting workers from unacceptable forms of work‎

  2. 2

    ‎Area of critical importance: Creating and extending social protection floors‎

  3. 3

    ‎Conclusions of the Meeting of Experts on Non-Standard Forms of Employment (Geneva, 16-19 February 2015)‎

Social Dialogue Segment

  1. 4

    ‎Sectoral and technical meetings in 2014 and proposal for sectoral work in 2016–17‎

Technical Cooperation Segment

  1. 5

    ‎ILO’s Development Cooperation Strategy 2015–17‎

  2. 6

    ‎Regional perspectives on development cooperation: the Arab States‎