345th Session (June 2022) of the ILO Governing Body

Registration to take the floor

Governing Body members may register in the list of speakers for any of the agenda items by sending an email to governingbody@ilo.org with the name of the speaker, and the country or regional group they represent.

You may register any time, but not later than one hour before the start of the sitting.

For any request for the floor once the sitting of the Governing Body has started, please raise your hand in Zoom, or send a request to the Governing Body Clerk using the chat function, specifying the item to which you want to speak, or indicating if your request is related to a point of order or a request for a right of reply.

Please do not forget to share your statement with interpreterspeeches@ilo.org. This will greatly facilitate the accurate interpretation of your intervention in the other six languages