Decision on the eighth item on the agenda: Report of the Working Party on the Functioning of the Governing Body and the International Labour Conference

Record of decisions | 14 December 2009

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The Governing Body:

(a) adopted the following time frame and process for the review:

(i) an issues paper to be prepared based on the papers and issues raised in the Working Party that met during the November 2009 session of the Governing Body, and circulated to members in preparation for informal tripartite consultations in February 2010;

(ii) a meeting of the Working Party to be convened during the March 2010 session of the Governing Body for discussion of the issues paper;

(iii) ILO Members to be invited to make written submissions for consideration of the Working Party;

(iv) the Working Party to submit an interim report to be considered at the June 2010 session of the Governing Body;

(v) the Working Party to submit a final report containing recommendations and an implementation plan to the November 2010 session of the Governing Body for decision;

(vi) this procedure should not impede the implementation of any agreed changes during this period;

(b) decided to ensure that all the proposals put forward by Governments, Workers and Employers would be presented in the issues paper; and

(c) decided to ensure that any further proposals which would be submitted by constituents would also be presented in the issues paper.

(Document GB.306/8 and proposal put forward by the Government group.)