Decision on the tenth item on the agenda: Reports of the Committee on Legal Issues and International Labour Standards

Record of decisions | 19 November 2009

First report: Legal issues

The Governing Body adopted the revised Compendium of rules applicable to the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, contained in Appendix I to document GB.306/10/1, as further revised in the Spanish version of the Introductory note and the Standing Orders of the Governing Body, taking into account the proposals made in the course of the discussion of the Committee, and requested the Office to publish it without delay.

(Document GB.306/10/1, paragraph 8.)

The Governing Body invited the Conference to adopt at its 99th Session (June 2010) the amendments to articles 5 and 26ter of the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference proposed in Appendix II to document GB.306/10/1.

(Document GB.306/10/1, paragraph 19.)

Constitution of the International Labour Organization: Proposal for possible revisions to introduce inclusive language for the purpose of promoting gender equality

The Governing Body requested the Office to prepare a document on possible amendments to the Constitution of the International Labour Organization for the purpose of introducing gender-inclusive language, with a view to its submission to the 309th Session (November 2010) of the Governing Body.

(Document GB.306/10/1, paragraph 29.)