Decision on the eighth item on the agenda: Reports of the Programme, Financial and Administrative Committee First report: Financial questions

Record of decisions | 08 July 2009

First report: Financial questions

The Governing Body took note of these parts of the report.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraphs 1–7)

The Governing Body endorsed the Strategic Policy Framework 2010–15, taking into account the views expressed during its discussion.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraph 47.)

The Governing Body decided to authorize the Director-General to use US$5,250,000 of the Special Programme Account as proposed in paragraphs 4 and 5 of document GB.304/PFA/4, excluding item (ii) in paragraph 5 (US$500,000 for statistics and measurement of decent work, support to countries) which would be considered at its 306th Session (November 2009), and defer consideration of the item referred to in paragraph 6, pending the discussion of the field structure review.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.), paragraph 57.)

The Governing Body:

(a) invited the Director-General to take the necessary steps to implement the proposal of a two-tier field structure directly linked to headquarters, in order to strengthen the ILO’s capacity to service its Members globally, in regions and countries in line with the Social Justice Declaration, strengthening the expertise of technical staff in delivering on the four strategic objectives;

(b) requested the Director-General to develop clear indicators to measure the performance of the field structure in meeting the strategic objectives and needs of constituents;

(c) requested the Director-General to initiate a global and independent evaluation of the impact of the changes three years after implementation of the new field structure, with modalities to be agreed by the Governing Body and rely on feedback from constituents;

(d) requested the Office and the Staff Union to consult in dealing with the impact on the staff affected by the implementation of these proposals.

The Governing Body authorized the Director-General to use US$750,000 of the Special Programme Account for the implementation of the field structure review as described in paragraph 6 of GB.304/PFA/4 and paragraph 13 of GB.304/PFA/4(Add.).

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraphs 128–129.)

(a) Follow-up to the report of the Chief Internal Auditor for the year ended
31 December 2007

(b) Report of the Chief Internal Auditor for
the year ended 31 December 2008

(c) Follow-up to the report of the External Auditor
on the accounts for 2006–07

(d) Report of the Independent Oversight
Advisory Committee

The Governing Body took note of these parts of the report.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraphs 130–148.)

The Governing Body decided to propose to the International Labour Conference at its 98th Session (June 2009), the draft resolution in Appendix II to document GB.304/PFA/7 amending the Financial Regulations.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraph 157.)

The Governing Body decided to delegate, for the period of the 98th Session (June 2009) of the Conference, to its Officers (i.e. the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairpersons of the Employers’ and Workers’ groups) the authority to carry out its responsibilities under article 18 of the Conference Standing Orders in relation to proposals involving expenditure in the 71st financial period ending 31 December 2009.

(Document GB.304/8/1, paragraph 162.)

The Governing Body:

(a) approved the sale of the plot referred to in the appendix to document GB.304/PFA/BS/2 as plot 3844, on terms to be negotiated by the Director-General;

(b) requested the Office to keep the second and third options referred to in the Office document, and requested the Director-General to draw up a complete master plan accordingly.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraph 170.)

The Committee adopted the report.

Replacement of boilers

The Governing Body decided that the cost of urgent replacement of boilers 3 and 4, estimated at 350,000 Swiss francs, which could not be financed from other sources, be charged to the Building and Accommodation Fund.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraph 173.)

Appointments to the Investments Committee
of the International Labour Organization

The Governing Body:

(i) expressed its appreciation to Mr Jean-Pierre Cuoni for his years of service to the Investments Committee;

(ii) renewed the appointment of Mr Rolf Banz and Mr René Zagolin as members of the Investments Committee for a further period of three years, expiring on 31 December 2011;

(iii) appointed Mr Xavier Guillon as a member of the Investments Committee for a period of three years, expiring on 31 December 2011.

(Document GB.304/8/1(Rev.2), paragraph 177.)