Decision concerning the sectoral meetings held in 2022, proposals for meetings in 2023, and recommendations of the sectoral advisory bodies for work in 2024–25

Record of decisions | 20 March 2023
The Governing Body:

(a) approved the records of proceedings of the two technical meetings and the meeting of the Joint IMO–ILO tripartite working group referred to in section I of document GB.347/POL/2 and authorized the Director-General to publish them;

(b) requested the Director-General to bear in mind, when drawing up proposals for future work, the recommendations for future action by the ILO made by the meetings referred to in section I of document GB.347/POL/2;

(c) authorized the Director-General to publish the guidelines on how to deal with seafarer abandonment cases (subject to adoption by the Legal Committee of the International Maritime Organization at its 110th Session in March 2023);

(d) took note of the recommendations of the Joint Action Group to review the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world’s transport workers and the global supply chain and requested the Director-General to ensure appropriate follow-up action;

(e) deferred to its 349th Session (October-November 2023) the decision on the format of a meeting on the promotion of decent work in the transport (railways) sector; and

(f) endorsed the programme of global sectoral meetings and other sectoral work for the biennium 2024–25 set out in section II and Appendix I to document GB.347/POL/2, as recommended by the sectoral advisory bodies, subject to the approval by the International Labour Conference at its 111th Session (June 2023) of the corresponding allocations in the Programme and Budget for 2024–25.

(GB.347/POL/2, paragraph 48)