Decision concerning the analysis of measures introduced in Governing Body meeting arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic and their relevance for future sessions of the Governing Body and other meetings

Record of decisions | 23 March 2023
The Governing Body:

(a) decided that future sessions of the Governing Body will be held fully in person, with the added possibility for participants who are unable to travel to Geneva to connect remotely upon request to follow the debates and, if necessary, exercise the right to speak;

(b) recommended that the same modes of participation be applied to other ILO official meetings, where applicable, and in accordance with the Standing Orders for those meetings; and

(c) requested the Office to continue to implement the time management measures applied at the 346th Session of the Governing Body, including the fast-track approach trialled at that session to expedite items deemed non-controversial.

(GB.347/INS/10, paragraph 35)