Decision concerning the outcome of the 17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting (Singapore, 6–9 December 2022)

Record of decisions | 22 March 2023
The Governing Body requested the Director-General to:

(a) draw the attention of the ILO constituents, in particular those of the Asia and the Pacific and the Arab States regions, to the Singapore Statement by making the text available to:

(i) the governments of all Member States, requesting them to communicate the text to national employers’ and workers’ organizations; and

(ii) the international organizations and non-governmental international organizations concerned;
(b) take the Singapore Statement into consideration when implementing current programmes and ensure its effective implementation in the context of future programme and budget proposals;

(c) develop an implementation plan on supporting constituents to give effect to the Singapore Statement;

(d) include in the programme implementation report for the biennium 2022–23 to be discussed at the 350th Session (March 2024) of the Governing Body, the key lessons learned in implementing the Singapore Statement and submit information on the implementation of the Singapore Statement for Governing Body discussion every two years until the next Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting, as part of existing processes and mechanisms.

(GB.347/INS/9, paragraph 13, as amended by the Governing Body)