GB.344/POL/2 (Rev.1)

Sectoral meetings held in 2021 and proposals for sectoral work in 2022–23

The Governing Body is invited to take note of the record of proceedings of the meetings held in the second half of 2021, to authorize respective follow-up (section I) and to endorse the proposals in relation to global sectoral meetings for 2022–23 (section II). The Governing Body is also invited to approve the revised terms of reference of the Joint FAO/ILO/IMO Ad Hoc Working Group on illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing and Related Matters (section III) (see the draft decision in paragraph 26). - In version "Rev.1" (24 February), the following paragraphs were inserted: 6, 7 and 26(c).

Meeting document | 24 February 2022