GB.343/POL/2/Decision and related comments

Decision concerning the sectoral meetings held in 2021 and proposals for sectoral work in 2022–23

Record of decisions | 01 November 2021

The Governing Body:

(a) approved the reports of the meetings referred to in section I of document GB.343/POL/2(Rev.2) and authorized the Director-General to publish the final reports of those meetings;

(b) requested the Director-General to bear in mind, when drawing up proposals for future work, the recommendations for future action by the ILO made by the meetings referred to in section I of document GB.343/POL/2(Rev.2);

(c) authorized the Director-General to notify, in accordance with Guideline B2.2.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended (MLC, 2006), the revised amount of the minimum monthly basic pay or wage figure for able seafarers to the Members of the ILO;

(d) approved the convening of the Subcommittee on Wages of Seafarers of the Joint Maritime Commission in the first half of 2022; and

(e) endorsed the proposals contained in Appendices I and II of document GB.343/POL/2(Rev.2) relating to the dates, official title and composition of the global sectoral meetings in 2022.

(GB.343/POL/2(Rev.2), paragraph 23)

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