GB.340/PFA/3/Decision and related comments

Decision concerning the update on building questions: headquarters building renovation project and ILO-owned premises in Abidjan

Record of decisions | 29 October 2020

 The Governing Body, by correspondence:

(a) with regard to the headquarters building renovation project:

(i) requested the Director-General to present to it, at its 341st Session (March 2021), the proposed final scope and estimated budget of phase 2 of the project; and

(ii) authorized the Director-General to use up to CHF2.7 million from the Building and Accommodation Fund towards the repayment of the Swiss Government’s loan for the renovation of the ILO headquarters building, with reimbursement of this amount to the Fund from future rental income.

(b) with regard to the ILO premises in Abidjan:

(i) authorized the use of the Building and Accommodation Fund to finance the redevelopment of the ILO premises in Abidjan, at an estimated cost of US$7.2 million, on the understanding that this amount will be re-credited to the Fund using future savings on the cost of renting ILO accommodation in Abidjan and income from the rental of any surplus space; and

(ii) requested the Director-General to continue to engage with the Government of Côte d’Ivoire regarding a potential financial contribution to the project..

(GB.340/PFA/3, paragraph 30)

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