332nd Session of the ILO Governing Body

Composition of the International Labour Conference: Proportion of women and men in delegations

This document provides up-to-date information regarding the proportion of women and men in delegations to the International Labour Conference and Regional Meetings. It covers the period June 2012–June 2017, during which the 101st Session (2012), 102nd Session (2013), 103rd Session (2014), 104th Session (2015), 105th Session (2016) and 106th Session (2017) of the International Labour Conference took place, as well as the Ninth European Regional Meeting (April 2013), 18th American Regional Meeting (October 2014), 13th African Regional Meeting (November–December 2015) and the 16th Asia–Pacific Regional Meeting (December 2016) (see draft decision in paragraph 23).

Conference paper | Legal Issues and International Labour Standards Section | 29 January 2018