Newsletter and Think Pieces


  1. Common issues affecting monitoring and evaluation of large ILO projects: Strategies to address them

    11 November 2015

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 9 -November 2015 -- This THINK Piece was commissioned by EVAL and written by Robert Lahey. It draws on recent evaluability assessments of high-budget ILO projects to ascertain how well the ILO is performing at the project level in terms of measuring, monitoring and using results information. The author identifies common issues affecting monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and proposes suggestions on how improvements in M&E practices could improve ILO's results-based management (RBM). The paper points to the particular stage of the project cycle where more attention on M&E development is likely needed.

  2. i-eval Flash News, No. 15 - Jun/Jul 2015

    21 July 2015

    This newsletter presents the findings of project evaluations from the Arab Region on capacity building for workers' organizations through strengthening economic, social and legal literacy. The departmental article presents highlights and recommendations from a recent evaluation on technical and vocational education and training reform (TVET-R) in Bangladesh. A new section has been added to cover issues related to evaluation methodologies and processes. The first article for this new section examines the importance of management response to evaluation recommendations. Additionally, there are some new reports, books and articles highlighted, as well as EVAL's upcoming training at the International Training Centre in Turin.

  3. i-eval Flash News, No. 14 - Mar/Apr 2015

    01 April 2015

    The Mar/Apr 2015 newsletter features the Africa region and the MULTILATERALS department. There are additional updates on new and forthcoming publications as well as some new listings for interesting evaluation blogs.

  4. i-eval Flash News, No. 13 - Dec/Jan 2014-15

    06 January 2015

    The Jan/Dec 2014-15 newsletter briefly summarizes EVAL's work for 2014 which was presented to the Governing Body at the 322nd session last November. The Regional Article is based on the findings of the high-level Decent Work Country Programme cluster evaluation undertaken in 2014 on North Africa. The Departmental Article summarizes the high-level evaluation conducted in 2014 on the ILO's strategy to promote Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. A new Think Piece is announced on EVAL's efforts to conduct internal quality appraisal which offers approaches for improving evaluation quality. Newly certified evaluation managers are listed, and as usual, there are plenty of links to training events, new books, articles, blogs and newsletters from the international community of evaluation.


  1. External Quality Appraisal: Implications for evaluation quality and utilization

    15 December 2014

    i-eval THINK Piece, No.8 - December 2014 -- This THINK Piece was commissioned by EVAL and written by Judith Friedman and Naomi Blight of IOD Parc, UK. It utilizes findings from the annual external quality appraisal which it conducted for independent project evaluations for the 2012-2013 reporting period. Using additional data, interviews and a survey, the writers propose areas to improve evaluation quality through improved guidance, building internal technical capacity and communications to enhance the value and use of evaluations in the ILO.

  2. i-eval Flash News, No. 12 - Sep/Oct 2014

    29 October 2014

    The Sep/Oct 2014 newsletter presents EVAL's new stepped up efforts to contribute to impact assessment work in the ILO. The two feature articles cover a partnership evaluation for the Bureau of Employers' Activities and lessons learned from project evaluation in Europe and Central Asia. Two new Think Pieces are also announced on impact evaluation and conducting Decent Work Country Programme internal reviews. As usual, there are plenty of links to training events, new books, and blogs and newsletters from the international community of evaluation.

  3. Delivering decent work results: Implications of a meta-analysis of ILO Decent Work Country Programmes

    21 October 2014

    i-eval THINK Piece, No.7 - October 2014 -- This review, written by Mr. John Martin, synthesizes the findings of a 2013 meta-analysis of internal Decent Work Country Programme reviews (CPRs). Mr. Martin also conducted a meta-analysis of independent high-level evaluations of country programmes in 2012 and he incorporates the findings from both of these reports to consolidate some recommendations for improving internal reporting at the DWCP level.

  4. Impact evaluation in the ILO: Stock-taking of current practice

    21 October 2014

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 6 - October 2014 -- Written by Dr. Engelhardt, this is a short review of current impact evaluation techniques being pioneered in the ILO. Dr. Engelhardt begins with a guiding definition for impact evaluation and continues with a discussion of methodologies currently being applied in ILO. The piece concludes with his findings on the quality and usefulness of this work followed by some recommendations for strengthening ILO future investment in impact evaluation.

  5. i-eval Flash News, No. 11 - Jun/Jul 2014

    02 July 2014

    The June July 2014 newsletter presents EVAL's new Communication Strategy and a summary of the survey which was conducted to gather information on client needs and perspectives on evaluation services in the ILO. The regional feature article is on the Arab States and the departmental feature covers the findings of a synthesis review conducted by EVAL investigating results and lessons learned from various sources of ILO evidence in order to shed light on what works and why with regard to employment promotion and Decent Work. There are new courses announced, new books on evaluation, interesting articles, blogs and links to other agency newsletters.

  6. i-eval Flash News, No. 10 - Mar 2014

    31 March 2014

    This newsletter presents information on the newly launched evaluation manager training programme, a look at outcome-based funded projects and how they are evaluated, a feature article for the Africa region, and a large collection of new learning events and conferences on evaluation around the world.

  7. Improving Results-Based Management in the ILO: Challenges and opportunities

    20 March 2014

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 5 - February 2014 -- This Think Piece was written by Mr. Osvaldo Feinstein. Sabas Monroy, Guy Thijs and Francisco Guzmán of EVAL provided comments and suggestions. The Think Piece suggests actions needed to address evaluability gaps to improve the Office’s accountability for its programmes. Recommendations are aimed at enabling ILO to improve the quality of its evaluations and utilize evaluation findings and lessons learned to improve performance. This includes some discussion on the alignment of P&B outcomes, Decent Work County Programmes and the Areas of Critical Importance (ACIs) to strengthen RBM in the ILO.

  8. Leveraging appraisal findings to improve evaluation quality

    17 March 2014

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 4 - February 2014 -- This Think Piece was co-written by Ms. Kelly Robertson and Dr. Daniela Schroeter of The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University. It examines quality appraisals conducted of ILO EVAL's independent project evaluations and makes recommendations for improvement of guidance documents and training materials.


  1. i-eval Flash News, No. 9 - Dec 2013

    19 December 2013

    This newsletter presents the new EVAL launch of protocols for the data collection and dissemination of lessons learned and emerging good practices. There is a short summary of the outcome of the Bi-annual Regional and Departmental Evaluation Network meeting,which took place in November. The newsletter also offers a list of training opportunities and interesting blogs on evaluation.

  2. i-eval Flash News, No. 8 - Aug/Sep 2013

    24 September 2013

    This newsletter presents new EVAL efforts to improve the quality of evaluation reports, including meta analyses at the project and DWCP level, as well as a new study on the evaluability of DWCP outcomes. Our regional focus in this issue is the Americas and the departmental feature is on the STEP/Portugal Phase II evaluation dealing with the extension of social protection in vulnerable countries. There are new links to evaluation blogs and lots of news from the international evaluation community.

  3. i-eval Flash News, No. 7 - May 2013

    29 May 2013

    This newsletter features DWCP Internal Reviews in Africa, and an article on the GENDER Bureau. The work of the newly reconstituted Evaluation Advisory Committee is also covered, as well as a listing of new books on evaluation, new evaluation blogs and information on the launch of EVAL's e-learning module and the Evaluation Manager's Certification Programme.

  4. i-eval Flash News, No. 6 - Jan/Feb 2013

    15 February 2013

    This newsletter covers Europe and Central Asia region and Social Protection. It also cites changes in a range of updated guidance and checklists. A short summary of the Regional Evaluation Networking meeting held in November is also highlighted.

  5. Ratings Systems in International Evaluation

    03 January 2013

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 3 - January 2013 -- This Think Piece, co-written by Ms. Kanika Arora (Maxwell School, Syracuse University) and Mr. William Trochim (Cornell University), explores the challenges of ratings in international evaluation. The paper discusses validity, reliability, choice of criteria and indicators. It was written with a particular focus for use by ILO Officials working in evaluation.


  1. i-eval Flash News - No. 5, Aug/Sep 2012

    02 October 2012

    This newsletter covers the Arab States region and provides an article on Sector 1, NORMES on indigenous people.

  2. National Evaluation Systems: Engaging ILO Social Partners

    29 June 2012

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 2 - June 2012 -- This Think Piece, written by Mr. Tim Dyce, reviews ways in which the ILO can improve its collaboration with national evaluation systems to enhance the engagement of the social partners and ILO constituents.

  3. i-eval Flash News, No. 4 - May, 2012

    01 May 2012

    This newsletter covers the region of Asia and Sector 4, Better Work.