Independent evaluation of the ILO's support to the Bahia Decent Work Agenda: 2008-2010 (Brazil)

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ILO’s support to the Bahia Decent Work Agenda (BDWA) – the first subnational decent work agenda worldwide – especially the period 2008–2010. Bahia is considered to be one of the States with the largest decent work deficit in Brazil in terms of child and forced labour, inequalities in the workplace, and domestic work exploitation.

The main recommendations from the evaluation team are for the ILO to do the following: (i) strengthen its support to the DW efforts in Bahia since the transition from a DW Agenda to a DW Programme is still underway; (ii) establish a monitoring strategy to oversee the implementation of the axes’ plans and their results; (iii) increase efforts to foster consciousness regarding the importance of engaging in DW initiatives among employers; (iv) ensure the less supported axes (such as people with disabilities and domestic workers) have enough support to make further advances; and (v) create strategies to systematize and disseminate DW good practices produced in Bahia.