Project evaluations


  1. Programme to Combat Child Domestic Labour: Philippines and Indonesia(Final Evaluation Summary)

    10 December 2003

    Project INT/00/12/NET

  2. Promoting more and better jobs for young women in Viet Nam (Final Evaluation Summary)

    09 December 2003

    Project INT/02/57/NET

  3. Enhanced capacity to promote gender equality in employment - GENPROM (Final Evaluation Summary)

    09 December 2003

    Project INT/02/56/NET

  4. Combating Forced Labor in Brazil (Mid Term Evaluation Summary)

    06 August 2003

    Project BRA/01/50/USA

  5. Combating the exploitation of child domestic workers in Haiti (Final Evaluation Summary)

    15 May 2003

    Project HAI/03/01/CAN

  6. Action against child labour through education and training (Final Evaluation Summary)

    12 May 2003

    Project INT/98/10/NOR

  7. Progressive eradication of child labor in firework industries in Guatemala, Phase I (Final Evaluation Summary)

    06 May 2003

    Project GUA/99/05/050

  8. Employers’ activities in the ILO/Danida Programme(Final Evaluation Summary)

    05 March 2003

    Project INT/01/27/DAN

  9. Prevention and elimination of child labor in small-scale traditional mining in Colombia (Midterm Evaluation Summary)

    01 February 2003

    Project: COL/01/50/USA


  1. Ensuring food security and nutrition for children 0-2 years in the Philippines (Final Joint Evaluation Summary)

    31 July 0013

    Project PHI/09/51/UND - Donor for this Joint Project is the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund Total Budget: US$ 3,500,000 UNDP: 4,176,800; UNICEF: 1,620,413; FAO: 222,757; ILO: 287,332; WFP: 428,000; WHO: 941,498