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The YouthSTATS database is a response to the need for reliable statistics to inform policies on youth employment challenges worldwide. It contains a comprehensive set of indicators on the labour market situation of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years in the developing world. We have pooled resources with Understanding Childrens’ Work (UCW) to tabulate a large array of youth labour market indicators from an inventory of over 150 micro data files of household-based surveys run in over 70 countries. Users are able to browse and export a selection of indicators grouped according to young people’s labour market situation.

The database is a work in progress and is available by clicking here. We continue to add more countries and more years and even more indicators from our inventory of micro datasets. We will be expanding the platform to include entirely new datasets as well, including the ILO's school-to-work transition surveys that is currently underway in 28 countries.

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YouthPOL is an on-line inventory of youth employment policies and legislation. It provides policy makers, researchers and practitioners with relevant and up-to-date information on policy responses for youth employment across countries, regions and target groups in the following areas: Macroeconomic and sectoral policies; enterprise development; education and training; labour demand; labour law and legislation; and labour market policies. The database serves as a vital tool for the Youth Employment Programme and its intervention model.

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