Global Youth Consultations

The ILO held events in more than 40 countries around the world from March to May 2012 to hear young people’s views on the alarming youth employment situation.

75 million youth worldwide are currently unemployed and more than 150 million young people are living on less than $1.25 a day. The ILO has warned that this situation risks creating a “lost generation” and is a threat to social cohesion.

For this reason, youth employment was one of the main themes of the annual International Labour Conference in June, and the ILO wants to hear young people and reflect their ideas and experience in the debate.

In the run-up to the annual Conference, the ILO has consulted young people from Beirut to Bangkok, from Lima to Lusaka. The national and regional consultations culminated in a major Youth Forum in Geneva in May, with some one hundred young people from employers’, workers’ and youth organizations from across the world taking part.

Country Focal Point Email
Africa [Regional report]
Democratic Republic of the Congo Toudjida N.Andemel;
Egypt Amal Mowafy;
Ethiopia George Okutho;
Kenya  Hopolang Phororo;
Madagascar Harivao Rakotoarinia;
South Africa Vic van Vuuren;
Tanzania Hopolang Phororo;
Togo Dramane Haidara;
Tunisia  Dorothea Schmidt;
Zambia  Belinda Chanda;
Zimbabwe  Tapera Muzira;
Americas [Regional report]
Argentina  Alejandra Pangaro;
Brazil   Lais Abramo;
Chile Patricia Roa;
Colombia  Italo Cardona;
Costa Rica  Mauricio Dierckxsens;
El Salvador  Mauricio Dierckxsens;
Honduras   Dunia Flores;
Mexico  Regina Galhardi;
Peru  Juan Chacaltana;
Regional Event: the Carribean Reynold Simons;
Trinidad and Tobago  Giovanni di Cola;
Uruguay  Patricia Roa;
Arab States [Regional report]
Jordan  Shaza Ghaleb Jondi;
Palestinian Territory  Rasha El-Shurafa;
Regional event: Arab States Patrick Daru;
Asia and the Pacific [Regional report]
Bangladesh Andre Bogui;
China  Huang Qun;
India  Sher Verick;
Indonesia & Timor-Leste Tendy Gunawan;
Pakistan  Manzoor Khaliq;
Philippines  Ruth Georget; 
Regional Event: Pacific Islands  David Lamotte;
Sri Lanka  Donglin Li;
Thailand  Krisdaporn Singhaseni;
Vietnam  Sauli Hurri;
Europe and Central Asia [Regional report]
Armenia  Olga Koulaeva;
Azerbaidjan  Olga Koulaeva;
France Jean François Trogrlic;
Georgia  Olga Koulaeva;
Italy Luigi Cal;
FYROM Natalia Popova;
Portugal Mafalda Troncho;
Regional Event: European Union Barbara Janssens;
Serbia  Dragana Marjanovic;
Spain Joaquin Nieto;
Ukraine Natalia Popova;
Turkey Ozan Cakmak;