Instructional materials


  1. Site Supervisor Course for labour-based and community-managed upgrading of urban low-income settlements

    01 January 2002

    This site supervisor course addresses the needs of both foremen and technicians

  2. A training course for engineers and town planners, Sustainable community-managed and labour-based upgrading of urban low-income settlements

    01 January 2002


  1. Guide to Market Assessment for BDS Program Design

    01 April 2001

  2. Meeting the youth employment challenge : a guide for employers

    01 January 2001


  1. Guidelines for the design and construction of suspension footbridges

    01 December 2000


  1. Guidelines for Transport Infrastructure Inventory, Preparation of Transport Network Analysis

    01 December 1999

    The Transport Infrastructure Inventory is a tool that allows the planner to obtain in a reasonable short time an overview of the extent and condition of the road and waterway network in a certain area. The tool is part of an area based planning process for rural infrastructure called Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP).


  1. Productivity norms for labour-based construction

    01 May 1998

  2. Guidelines for employment and skills training in conflict-affected countries

    01 January 1998

  3. Rapid assessment of poverty impacts (RAPI) - Elaboration of a rapid survey method of assessing the poverty reduction impacts of pilot employment-intensive projects

    01 January 1998

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 2


  1. Manual on training and employment options for ex-combatants

    01 November 1997

  2. Training material source book; A guide for trainers in labour-based roadworks

    01 September 1997

  3. Local Economic Development Operational Guidelines in Post-Crisis Situations

    01 January 1997

    This Operational Guide is the result of a joint effort between researchers and technical experts with a broad field experience in Local Economic Development (LED) around the world.

  4. Labour-Based Road Construction and Maintenance Technology, Course Notes

    01 January 1997


  1. Trainer's toolbox of training techniques

    01 March 1995

    International Course on Training of Trainers in Labour-Based Road Construction and Maintenance

  2. Gender Issues in Cooperatives - an ILO/ICA Perspective - 2 Hours of Gender Issues for Cooperatives Leaders (a gender sensitization package)

    01 January 1995


  1. Training Guidelines on Small Scale Contracting: Module II Contracts Management

    01 January 1991


  1. Ghana; Feeder roads improvement and maintenance by contract

    01 May 1987

    Summary of Training needs Survey and Proposal for the Training at Wiawso of Contractors and DFR Staff


  1. Gabions

    01 January 1986

    Training element and technical guide for SPWP workers: Booklet no. 3


  1. Labour-based road construction and maintenance - technical consultancy Equatoria province, Republic of Sudan: Final report

    01 June 1985