Better Inputs for Decent-Work Analysis

This seminar took place on 3 May 2013; this page will remain available online as a resource for information sharing and document downloads. Please see below the relevant PowerPoint presentations from the event.
  1. Presentation by Mr Marinos Tsigas, U.S. International Trade Commission
  2. Presentation by Ms Monica D. Castillo, ILO Department of Statistics
  3. Presentation by Mr David Cheong, ILO Trade and Employment Programme
This is a seminar on how labour statistics in the GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) database are being improved for the benefit of policy researchers who work on global economic modeling, particularly on the impact of trade on labour markets. The key speaker will be Dr. Marinos Tsigas (USITC), who will present his work in this area. The seminar will include discussions by ILO experts and a Q & A session.
  1. "Labour Statistics for the GTAP Database"
  2. "Enriching U.S. Labour Results in a Multi-Regional CGE model".
Seminar program:
  • Introductory Remarks
  • Presentation by Marinos Tsigas (USITC)
  • Discussion by Monica Castillo (ILO Statistics)
  • Discussion by David Cheong (ILO Trade and Employment Programme)
  • Questions and Answers moderated by Vincenzo Spiezia (ILO Institute)