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The Employment Sector Information and Documentation centre offers ILO Officials both at Headquarters and the field, ILO constituents, journalists, students and others a range of services to meet your information needs.

This includes access to the Sector's free publications, research assistance, loans from the Employment Sector's or the ILO Library's collection, guidance on how to use information resources and on-line research tools effectively. The Centre also organises displays of its own as well as other ILO publications during special events.

Recent publications

  1. Publication

    Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work

    14 February 2024

  2. UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

    Assessing the employment situation in five countries and promoting a gender responsive structural transformation

    09 February 2024

    A consolidated report on lessons learned and policy insights

  3. UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

    SAM-based analysis of gendered employment sectoral strategies in Ethiopia

    09 February 2024

  4. UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

    Gendered employment analysis and policy recommendations in Ethiopia

    09 February 2024

    Evidence from Hawassa and Yirgalem Intergrated Industrial Parks

  5. © D. Beamer/Unsplash 2024


    EMPLOYMENT Department Newsletter, January/February 2024

    25 January 2024

  6. Research Paper No.19

    Old-age workers transition into retirement and risk of poverty

    19 January 2024

  7. Statistical brief

    Sri Lanka’s Labour Market during the Economic Crisis of 2022-2023

    21 December 2023

    Why the unemployment rate does not tell the full story

  8. Guidelines

    Guidelines on Green Employment Diagnostics for Just Transitions

    21 December 2023

    Supporting countries understand and respond to the opportunities and threats posed by climate change, and policy responses to promote just transitions