Methodologies for collecting data on MNE contributions to decent work in host countries

 The ILO MNE Declaration encourages governments to study the impact of MNE operations on employment and the labour market in different industrial sectors. A first step in the process of studying MNE impacts and promoting fact-based tripartite dialogues with MNEs is to collect meaningful data. Reliable and consistent data are required on the impact of MNE operations on decent work, in particular in developing countries. Both host and home governments need accurate information to assess the effectiveness of their inward and outward FDI policies in achieving the SDGs, in particular SDG 8. ILO aims to help countries to develop a robust, cost-effective and standardized method for collecting data which would allow governments to assess and refine their investment policies and allow for country comparisons. These four studies explore the benefits and limitations of potential approaches national statistics offices can use to collect data on MNE impacts on decent work.