Inclusive Markets & Value Chains briefs and guides

  1. Executive Summary

    Business models for decent work

    27 August 2019

  2. Publication

    Supply chains and systemic change: the case of a mining multinational in Laos

    19 August 2019

  3. Publication

    From paper to practice

    02 May 2019

    An internal review of the quality and use of ILO market system and value chain analyses

  4. Market System Analysis - Africa

    Can we create better jobs in Africa's booming construction sector ? Looking to market systems analysis to point us in the right direction

    06 December 2018

  5. Leaflet

    A Systemic Approach to Inclusive Markets for Refugees and Host Communities

    30 May 2018

  6. Publication

    Promotion of sustainable enterprises for innovation, growth, more and better jobs

    23 November 2017

    Developing sustainable enterprises: the ILO approach

  7. Publication

    Impacting Jobs Through Increasing Exports: Evidence From Cambodia's Rice Sector

    23 October 2017

  8. Publication

    Action Research in Peru's Wood and Furniture Sector: Carving out a new approach for better jobs

    05 September 2017

    Discover the Lab’s adaptive management capacity in this action research taking place in Peru’s wood furniture value chain

  9. Publication

    Market Systems and Job Quality: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About it ?

    07 August 2017

  10. Publication

    Measuring Productive Employment: A "How to" Note

    20 July 2017