The Social Finance Programme team

The Social Finance Programme operates through a central team based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a few colleagues based in the country offices.

Organizational description | 02 February 2024
  • Craig Churchill - Chief
    • Craig is the Chief of the ILO’s Social Finance Programme.
  • Nalina Ganapathi - Senior Administrative Assistant
    • Nalina supports Social Finance’s administrative and operational activities.
  • Margarita Lalayan - Senior Programme Officer
    • Margarita oversees Social Finance capacity building at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy, including the renowned Making Microfinance Work training programmes.
  • Victor Hugo Sanchez Valverde - Secretary and Administrative Clerk
    • Victor supports our administrative and operational activities.
  • Joost Tijdink - Communications Officer
    • Joost is responsible for the communications of the Social Finance Programme.

Financial inclusion

  • Ines Bentchikou - Junior Technical Officer
    • Ines works on the financial inclusion of refugees, migrants and vulnerable groups in crisis-affected settings. She also supports the development and promotion of the ILO Global Programme on Financial Education.
  • Valerie Breda - Senior Technical Officer
    • Valerie leads the ILO’s efforts to promote the transition to responsible digital wage payments and coordinates the Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work.
  • Yousra Hamed - Senior Technical Officer
    • Yousra leads our Global Programme on Financial Education, financial inclusion for migrant workers, refugees and in fragile settings, as well as access to finance through employers' associations.
  • Fadia Jradi - Technical Officer
    • Fadia is the financial inclusion and entrepreneurship officer in the MENA region, as part of the ILO’s PROSPECT project.
  • Virak Nuon - Project Officer
    • Virak supports the work of the ILO’s Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work in Cambodia.
  • Julio Perez - Project Officer
    • Julio advances the work of the Global Centre in Peru.
  • Djitaba Sachko-Patel – Technical Officer
    • Based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Djitaba provides technical support to the implementation of Social Finance components within the ACCEL Africa project. She also acts as the Social Finance focal point for West Africa.
  • Djauhari Sitorus - Project Manager
    • Djauhari leads the PROMISE II IMPACT project in Jakarta, which aims to create an enabling environment for an inclusive financial sector for SMEs in Indonesia.
  • Andrej Slivnik - Technical Officer
    • Andrej is responsible for knowledge management and the capacity-building activities of the ILO’s Global Centre on Digital Wages for Decent Work.
  • Richard Umali - Project Officer
    • Richard promotes the adaptation of digital wage payments in the Philippines.
  • Arief Umar - Project Officer
    • Umar drives our work on digital wage payments in Indonesia.

Impact insurance

  • Aparna Dalal - Senior Research Officer
    • Based in London (United Kingdom), Aparna leads the Impact Insurance Facility’s work on research and innovation. She works primarily on mobile insurance and bundling insurance with other financial services.
  • Camyla Fonseca - Knowledge and Capacity Building Officer
    • Camyla is responsible for the implementation of the Impact Insurance Facility’s capacity-building activities.
  • Lisa Morgan - Technical Specialist
    • Lisa is responsible for the Facility’s work on health insurance in the public and private sectors, and offering insight s into m-Health, actuarial analysis and strategy development. Along with others, Lisa also mentors Fellows.
  • Pranav Prashad - Senior Technical Officer
    • Pranav leads the Facility’s agriculture insurance work, alternative distribution channels and mobile ser vices. He is also the focal point for market development in Asia.

Sustainable investing

  • Rakshita Agarwal - Project Junior Officer
    • Rakshita supports our work on sustainable investing and innovative finance.
  • Ekaterina Chubarova - Technical Officer
    • Ekaterina is involved in Social Finance’s work promoting just transition finance, sustainable investing, enterprise formalization and the social and solidarity economy.
  • Fernando Messineo Libano - Technical Officer
    • Fernando works on issues related to sustainable investing and social and environmental risk management, particularly with the Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund.
  • Tomoka Omoto - Junior Professional Officer
    • Tomoka supports Social Finance’s work on just transition finance and sustainable investing.
  • Patricia Richter - Senior Technical Officer
    • Patricia is leading our work on sustainable investing and innovative finance. As part thereof, she is managing the ILO's collaborations with the Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund and the Common Fund for Commodities.
  • Kirill Zarifulin - Project Junior Officer
    • Kirill works on sustainable investing and supports our collaboration with the AATIF to improve social and environmental management and to increase the impact of agricultural investments.

Social Finance Fellows

Fellows support the work of the Social Finance Programme through placements with host organizations to support our innovation projects for low-income markets.
  • Akinyemi Alebiosu is hosted by PharmAcces Foundation, providing technical assistance to the county of Kisumu in Kenya.
  • Jackline Chemutai is hosted by Radiant Insurance Company in Rwanda.
  • Zika Djodjo is hosted by the cooperative COMUBA in Benin.
  • Grégoire Minani is hosted by CNAAS, the national agriculture insurance company of Senegal.
  • Ritesh Pandey is hosted by the National Insurance Commission in Ghana.
  • Ali Tareque Parvez is hosted by the microfinance institution Chamroeun in Cambodia.
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