Conducive environment for sustainable enterprise, including COOPs

An environment conducive to the creation and growth or transformation of enterprises on a sustainable basis combines the legitimate quest for profit – one of the key drivers of economic growth – with the need for development that respects human dignity, environmental sustainability and decent work."

Conclusions concerning the Promotion of Sustainable Enterprise Development
International Labour Conference 2007

The ILO's tool for achieving a conducive environment is called Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE)

The ILO supports governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations to establish policies and regulations which contribute to an environment conducive to the creation and growth of sustainable enterprises, including cooperatives, by:

  • developing information resources, tools and methodologies to support enterprises improving productivity as well as compliance with labour standards;
  • providing guidance on ways that policies and regulations can support improved working conditions, an enabling business environment, and the formalization of economic units;
  • gathering and disseminating information on the relationship between policies responding to cross-cutting social issues, such as gender and the need to empower women, and the development of sustainable enterprises;
  • providing support to employers’ and workers’ organizations to expand their representational base, improve their capacity to analyse the dynamics of their business and labour environment, and influence public policies;
  • providing technical assistance to support start-ups, micro- and small and medium-sized enterprises to become sustainable through, for example, upgrading regional and global value chains and clusters.

Key Resources

  1. Labour and Labour-Related Laws in Micro and Small Enterprises: Innovative Regulatory Approaches

    01 December 2007

    SEED Working Paper No. 81

  2. Assessing the influence of the business environment on small enterprise employment – An assessment guide - SEED Working Paper No. 71E

    01 January 2005

    Provides guidance on assessing the effect of external influences on employment in small enterprises. Covers three topics of assessment: profiling small enterprises and small enterprise employment; assessing the policy, legal and regulatory framework for small enterprise development; and assessing markets and the business environment for small enterprises.

  3. Small Enterprises, Big Challenges: A Literature Review on the Impact of the Policy Environment on the Creation and Improvement of Jobs within Small Enterprises

    01 January 2002

    SEED Working Paper No. 23

  4. Small Enterprise Development - An Introduction to the Policy Challenge

    01 January 2003

    This booklet introduces the policy and legal framework as an important external influence on the capacity of small enterprises to create more and better jobs. It expands upon Recommendation No. 189 of the International Labour Conference entitled General Conditions to Stimulate Job Creation in Small and Medium Enterprises.