Q&As on Training


Question: I would like to know is there any ILO Convention related to Right of Employees for Continuous Training & Development both in the organized as well as unorganized sector.

Answer: The Human Resources Development Convention, 1975 (No. 142) and Recommendation, 2004 (No. 195) addresses continuous training and development. Article 1 (5) of Convention No. 142 states that “the policies and programmes shall encourage and enable all persons, on an equal basis and without any discrimination whatsoever, to develop and use their capabilities for work in their own best interests and in accordance with their own aspirations,” including workers in the informal economy. The Recommendation also encourages human resources development, education, training and lifelong learning policies which “address the challenge of transforming activities in the informal economy into decent work fully integrated into mainstream economic life; policies and programmes should be developed with the aim of creating decent jobs and opportunities for education and training, as well as validating prior learning and skills gained to assist workers and employers to move into the formal economy.”

In addition, the Paid Educational Leave Convention, 1974 (No. 140) requires ratifying states to formulate and apply a policy designed to promote the granting of paid educational leave for the purpose of training at any level, general, social and civic education, and trade union education. The Rural Workers' Organisations Recommendation, 1975 (No. 149) highlights the importance of education and training for this specific group of workers.

The Skills for Employment Global Public-Private Knowledge Sharing Platform provides ideas and information on how companies can contribute to skills development for all of their workers.