Market systems development for decent work - 'the lab'

Market systems development for decent work - ‘the lab’ - is a knowledge generation project aimed at measuring and maximizing the employment impact of market systems development interventions. More >>

What's new

  1. Brief

    A Market Systems Approach to Decent Work

    December 2016

  2. Brief

    The Science in Adaptive Management

    December 2016

  1. Market Systems Analysis

    Cracking Tanzania's Youth Employment Conundrum

    February 2017

  2. Action research

    Action research to improve working conditions in Peru's wood and furniture sector

    January 2017

  3. Action research

    Rapid assessment of Peru's wooden furniture export market and its potential for growth

    January 2017

  4. Case Study #2

    Crafting Kuza: Towards a systemic approach to job creation for youth in Mombasa

    April 2016

  5. Market Systems Analysis

    From Value Chain to Market Systems Analysis? 

    February 2016

    Executive Summary: An internal review of the systemic quality of ILO value chain analysis reports

  6. Market Systems Analysis

    Action research for improving working conditions in Peru's wood-furniture sector: Scoping study

    January 2016


  1. Monitoring and Results Measurement

    Training on Monitoring and Results Measurement in Private Sector Development

    7 - 11 December 2015