Capacity building and guidance

  1. Market-based livelihoods intervention for refugees 2018 edition


Based on experiences and lessons learnt of the partnership with the UNHCR, the ILO-UNHCR Guide to Market-Based Livelihood Interventions for Refugees was developed as practical guidance for UNHCR staff and other practitioners. In 2016, a training programme under the same name was designed and organized for UNHCR livelihoods staff in Geneva. Following the success of the programme, the training was repeated the following year in Turin in cooperation with the ILO’s International Training Center (ITC-ILO) for the first time. The training course was open to UNHCR staff as well as practitioners from other humanitarian and development organizations working on refugee livelihoods. The training course was offered a second time in April 2018 and is now organized by the ITC-ILO in Turin on an annual basis.
The ILO also supports the internal refugee livelihoods trainings of the UNHCR by delivering the market systems analysis component of several such trainings every year.
For more information on our one-week training course in Turin click here.