About the department

The Department of Economic and Labour Market Analysis is by and large peopled by economists and administrative staff whose interests are and whose mission is, in the analysis of labour market trends as they fit within global macroeconomic tendencies. We prospect major policy areas on the horizon and try to tackle the big questions:

  • Where is employment going after the crisis?
  • Indeed, how do we measure progress in global markets along a number of dimensions?
  • How do we conceptualize a more inclusive notion of development and growth?
  • And what are the links between development and employment?
  • How can governments, beyond stable macroeconomic indicators, make employment a more central target of macroeconomic policy?
  • How can we balance firms' needs for adaptability or "rapid response" in an interdependent world with workers' needs for stability?
  • How do we see incomes and earnings of the world's workforce evolving, and how does this evolution fit with the promotion of decent work?"