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Global Diamond [resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00802
Nom du navire:Global Diamond [resolved]
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9145774
Port d'abandon:Su-Ao, Taiwan
Date d'abandon:14 septembre 2023
Date de notification:28 septembre 2023
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:21
Nationalités:Chine(17); Myanmar(3); Viet Nam(1)
Circonstances:P&I : MS Amlin Marine N.V.

Type : Bulk Carrier

Owed wages of between 3 and 4 months
Actions entreprises:28 septembre 2023: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé
Contacted the owners, flag state, port state and P&I club
Situation concernant le rapatriement:28 septembre 2023: En attente de rapatriement

3 mai 2024: Rapatriés
All crew repatriated on 18th and 19th of January 2024
Paiement des salaires:28 septembre 2023: En attente de paiement

3 mai 2024: Réglé
On 26th March 2024, the Owner paid wages for November and December 2023 and 18/19 days of January 2024.
Total amount of US$152,902

Commentaires et observations:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (16 octobre 2023)
For your information and attention, please see the below emails relating to unpaid wages and repatriation requests due to the crew nearly not being paid for Four months(end of Oct) of the subject vessel.

The crewmembers concerned meet all criteria necessary to be deemed as having been abandoned. See attached statement from all crews, As the responsible P&I club(Financial security provider),you are now requested to implement the requirements of the financial security system as provided for in Standard A2.5.2 of MLC 2006 as amended(crew repatriation and payment of up to four months' wages). I look forward to your prompt and positive response

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (25 janvier 2024)
On 12th October 2023 the crew received one month's wage via the crewing agent, a total of $59,940.00
On 27th December 2023 the P&I club paid 4 months (July to October 2023), a total of $250,181.00
The crew are still waiting to be repatriated

Gouv. de Chine (30 janvier 2024)
China Maritime Safety Administration has promptly organized personnel to conduct a thorough investigation into the situation of the vessel in question. Below are the findings:
1. Vessel Information:
- Vessel Name: Global Diamond
- Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier
- Flag State: Panama
- IMO Number:9145774
2. Crew Situation Verification:
The investigation found that the payment documents have been successfully negotiated and signed with all crew members, and the matter has been resolved satisfactorily. Currently, all crew members have disembarked and returned home. Based on the above findings, it is not recommended to include the Global Diamond vessel in the joint database for abandoned seafarers.

Gouv. de Panama (20 mars 2024)
ln response to the labor complaint filed against the vessel “GLOBAL DIAMOND”, with IMO No. 9145774, we provide you with the latest communications:
1. Through Email dated January 26, 2024, P&I Club indicated that: “...we have settled the outstanding wages to the crew on behalf of Owners and all the 21 crew onboard the vessel have been repatriated under our expenses by 19 Jan 2024. ”
2. We requested to P&I Club on January 26, 2024, evidence of payments, and they remitted slip of crew wages and repatriations, on January 29, 2024.
3. Through Email dated January 27, 2024, we informed ITF Inspector of the information provided by P&I Club, and requested confirmation if the labour complaint can be considered resolved.
4. Through Email dated January 30, 2024, ITF Inspector indicated that: “The P&I putt a maximum of 4 months (JULY, AUG, SEP, OCT 2023) and repatriated all crew by 19th JAN 2024 according to thy MLC 2006’s legislations.
But the person who raised the complaint including the master still claimed the wage for November and December of 2023. and the owner of the vessel promised to crew would pay the wage of November 2023 during a meeting of the harbor bureau.
l'll approach the related parties and feedback if any updates.”

Saisie: lundi - 6 mai 2024 a 15:06:48
Dernière mise à jour: lundi - 6 mai 2024 a 15:07:20
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