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Yangtze Harmony[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00722
Nom du navire:Yangtze Harmony[resolved]
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9318917
Port d'abandon:Singapore
Date d'abandon:25 octobre 2022
Date de notification:29 décembre 2022
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:16
Circonstances:P&I : Swedish Club

Type : Livestock Carrier

The crew have not received their salaries since July 2022, so they are owed salaries for 5 months (August to December).
Actions entreprises:22 décembre 2022: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé
We have reached out to the owners, flag, P&I, Manning agency and the sister vessel is also arrested in Australia for the same reasons. We have reached out the Sheriff agency in Singapore and are awaiting updates
Situation concernant le rapatriement:29 décembre 2022: En attente de rapatriement

25 mai 2023: Rapatriés
All crew have been repatriated
Paiement des salaires:29 décembre 2022: En attente de paiement
US$180,000 approx

27 janvier 2023: En attente de paiement
$166,767.61, excluding January wages

25 mai 2023: Réglé
All outstanding wages and benefits have been paid
Commentaires et observations:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (29 décembre 2022)
Sister vessel also arrested in Australia and its going to be sold.

Gouv. de Libéria (27 janvier 2023)
The crew received their home pay up to October 2022, and shipboard pay up to August 2022. The vessel has been under arrest by the Singapore court since October 25, 2022 and tied up in the Pax ocean shipyard.

January 3, 2023: The Liberian Administration requested both
the Shipowner and P&I club for their action to resolve the abandonment case.

January 4, 2022: The Shipowner informed the Administration that the vessel has been under arrest by the Singapore court since October 25, 2022, due to commercial disputes. The vessel is in the care of the Sheriff appointed agent, who is responsible for maintaining the crew and vessel. The shipowner has paid the crew wages for August, September, and October without reimbursement from their principal. The Shipman was terminated on November 8, 2022, to limit their liabilities.

January 5, 2023: The Administration contacted the Sheriff appointed agent to provide information regarding their plan for the crew repatriation and the payment of their outstanding wages.

January 20, 2023: The P&I Club informed the Administration that the arresting Party had applied for an order to sell the vessel under a judicial sale. The Arresting Party will pay the crew outstanding wages and cover the repatriation cost. The Club will pay any shortfall and claim from the judicial sale proceeds.

January 21, 2023: The agent informed the Administration that they were discussing with all concerned parties to provide funds to pay the outstanding wages of the current crew and duly repatriate them.

January 23, 2023: The Administration reminded the CLUB of their obligations and requested them to fulfill their obligation under MLC Standard A 2.5.2 as there is no defined timeline regarding the judicial sale of the vessel. Therefore, the Club should not wait for the Judicial sale before discharging her obligation.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (7 mars 2023)
3 crewmembers have been repatriated so far and the Marshall paid them their December wages, but we are awaiting the P&I club to pay for the other months.

Gouv. de Libéria (25 mai 2023)
April 7, 2023: The crew were repatriated to their home. The P and I Club paid the crew four months of their outstanding wages through the arresting party and to the crew manning agency. The arresting party paid the crew march wages onboard and the balance post arrest wages also sent to the crew manning agency.

April 18, 2023: The master, ITF, Manning agency confirmed that all crewmembers have been paid in full.
On April 24, 2023, the Liberian Administration received information from the manning agency that only the 13 crew that were repatriated on April 7, 2023, were paid in full, however the 3 crew members who were repatriated in January 2023, are still owed part of their leave pay and benefits.

On May 22, 2023, the Liberian Administration was informed by the manning agency that the 3 crew members who were repatriated in January 2023, have been paid all their outstanding wages including their leave pay and benefits.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (18 juillet 2023)
All crew have received their wages and been repatriated

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