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Ocean Explorer[disputed]


Abandonment ID: 00632
Nom du navire:Ocean Explorer[disputed]
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9303637
Port d'abandon:Mumbai, India
Date d'abandon:23 janvier 2022
Date de notification:6 mars 2022
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:19
Nationalités:Eritrée(1); Ethiopie(2); Indonésie(1); Inde(12); Philippines(1); République arabe syrienne(1); Tanzanie, République Unie de(1)
Circonstances:P&I : Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (Nz) Limited

Between 4-5 months owed wages. Vessel is in blackout condition since 4th February 2022 which means that no food is being cooked onboard. The hygiene in general is extremely bad and no medical assistance provided by the ships managers.
Commentaires et observations:Gouv. de Panama (22 mars 2022)
In attention to the labor complaint filed against vessel “OCEAN EXPLORER”, with IMO No. 9303637, please be advised that this complaint was presented in this Department by the Capt. Mohammed Osta Al Husseini - Master, and we have proceeded according the regular procedure, looking to obtain a promptly clarification and solution of the situation denounced.

We have tried to contact the Registered Owner, Operadors and Local Resident Agents, regarding the labour complaint filed, and among the most important communications are:
1. Through Email dated March 10, the PMA sent 1st Communication addressed to Owners, Operator and/ or Local Resident Agent, communicating the labour complaint filed against the vessel, and requesting the measures taken to correct such deficiencies.
2. Through Email dated March 10, 2022, the Director of Lilly Maritime Pvt Ltd. – Operadors forward our communication, indicating the following:
Please find the mail from the Flagstate.
You have confirmed the Diesel Supply will be made by 9th March Wednesday. As of now no Bunkers gone.
The Crew engaged while she arrives have not been paid wages. Also, our Crew joined at Mumbai are also awaiting salary and the want sign off with full wages paid onboard.
Please reply to the Flag state.
3. Through Email dated March 18, 2022, we requested the activation of the Financial Security with P&I Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited, duly based in the communication received from Master.
4. Through Email dated March 21, 2022, the correspondents of Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited responded the following:
On the 4th of March 2022, a P&I surveyor was sent onboard to check on the status of the crew living condition, outstanding salary, repatriation details and their communication with the Member. In view deteriorating living condition and the inaction of the Member, the Club has stepped in and paid for fresh water and provision on 19th March 2022 as Owners have failed to deliver despite repeated promises to do so. Please see the attached proof of delivery. The Club has also paid for bunkers and asked its correspondent to arrange for supply of bunker.

As for the outstanding salaries and the crew repatriation, the Club is presently working with Owners to resolve the outstanding payment and disembark those crew members who wish to do so.

Autre (30 mars 2022)
From the captain of the vessel

WE, the 18 crew members of MV Ocean Explorer like to bring your kind attention & urgent action on the following difficulties we are facing onboard now.
1. The vessel MV Ocean Explorer is @ Mumbai port @ Z5 anchorage. We are 18 crew onboard, multi nationalities. This vessel is presently under management of Lilly Maritime Pvt Ltd. The vessel is abandoned by the owner/Bareboat charterer/ manager since last 4 months.
2. The vessel is in blackout condition since 04 Feb 2022 as no bunker supplied. The crew salary are not been paid from 28 Nov 2021 to till date for 09 Lilly maritime crew members & from Dec2021 to till date for Marine Core crew members.
3. As the vessel is in blackout condition, the life onboard is dangerous as there is no safety of life, No safety of vessel. The crew onboard having a tough life with out proper food & sanitization. The climate being hot we can’t stay inside or outside of ship. Crew members having skin decease & other health issues.
4. The family members of crew are also suffering from financial crisis as we didn’t get our salary.
5. At the moment Lilly maritime is supplying food for Lunch & dinner. No breakfast items onboard from 09 March 2022.
6. The local P & I club supplied fresh water on 18 Mar 2022 & dry provisions on 19 March 2022. But as there is no bunker supplied till now, We are unable to use the same. The drinking water supplied by P & I is finished now & crew suffering from de hydration too.
7. There is no means of effective communication with any authorities onboard. The charging facilities for mobile phones are also not available for further communication with authorities & families.
Considering all the above situation or conditions, We, 18 multi national crew members of MV Ocean Explorer request your good office to act most urgently to save our lives & our family members; by issuing orders to the concerned to issue essential supply of bunker/ fresh provision/drinking water, our salary & arranging repatriation urgently.
The address & details of various manager/owner/ bare boat charter/P & I club are appended below : -
Manager : 09 crew members employed by Lilly Maritime Pvt Ltd.
TEL NO : +91 – 22-40831800/829, FAX NO: +91 – 22-40831830, EMAIL:,,
& (10 crew from marine core multi nationalities)
Marine Core & Charter LLC, Baysquare-01 Unit 1001, Business bay, Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box No. 117241.
Tel no. +971 44538338/ Email.
TELEPHONE- +65 6220 9690, FAX.. +65 6323 5176
Local Representative : Capt Manish kini, Mob : 8976824020,
email :
Owner as shown in Insurance certificate: ALAM MARITIME(M) SDN.BHD,
Company no. 54400
IMO NO. 1880120

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (20 avril 2022)
All crew have received their wages. 7 crew have signed off on 19th April 2022. Remaining 11 crew will sign off soon.

Autre (9 mai 2022)
From the captain of the vessel

Kindly note present situation: - 10 crew signed off out of 18 crew members (details attached). Presently 08 crew surviving onboard.
we were promised that the 2nd batch will be singed off directly after the the first batch .
Me, the Master, Capt. Mohmmed AL Husseini still has not get 04-month salary till 31 March 2022, till now. Rest all other crew received 4 month’s salary till 31 March 2022. I asked the P&I correspondent to pay cash onboard but no positive response. till now i don't know what is reason that delays the transaction ?
As informed in previous mail, suffering of crew onboard is continuing. We are all having a lot of mental stress & agony which is affecting very badly on our mental & physical health due to prolonged stay onboard. The family members of the crew are also in heavy stress. Keeping us onboard like this, itself remains a danger to personnel themselves as nobody is in a good state of health.
We, the remaining 8 crew members request you all to do the needful to sign off us urgently & repatriate us; we will be grateful to you.
as we are onboard we don't know nothing about tomorrow , all are unknown for us .
Warm regards,
MV Ocean Explorer
1. Capt . Mohammed Al Husseini – Syrian
2. Kanwar Singh Chief Officer- Indian
3. Ravikumar Kaliveettil C/E- Indian
4. Pradeep Kumar K 3/E – Indian
5. Surya Deshwal AB – Indian
6. Jafartaj Mujawar, oiler – Indian
7. Mukesh Bari , Fitter – Indian
8. Avadhesh , Cook - Indian

Autre (25 mai 2022)
From the captain of the vessel

Request kindly note the following Defects/ operational difficulties onboard presently.
1. A/E No.1 non operational due to lub oil pressure reduced below operating limits. No spare lub oil filters onboard. All 3 A/Es are overdue for maintenance routines.
2. Considering the monsoon rains arrived; tried to start both M/Es for safety, but both MEs were not getting started, even after several attempts made. (Make : Caterpillar Model : 3516 B, 2X 2375 BHP@1600 RPM). There is NO main engine special tools available onboard. Starting batteries capacity are also reduced. Both main engines are due for maintenance routines.
3. The ship’s gyro compass is non-operational. (This was reported on arrival from Dubai in Nov 2021.)
4. Both A/C & Refrigeration cooling pumps are non-operational.( No spares onboard). Presently the system is running with ballast pump emergency cooling. A/C & Refrigeration system running with undercharged refrigerant. Vegetable room solenoid valve malfunctioning. No spare onboard. No refrigerant onboard.
5. Fire & GS pump is non-operational. Making a lot of sound & vibrations. No spares onboard.
6. Both side Sea chest valves are not holding properly. Unable to clean main sea tube strainers.
7. Emergency generator have only one set of starting battery. Stand by set batteries not holding charge.
8. Since the vessel reached at Mumbai on 14 Nov 2021 at anchorage, since then NO spares & stores supplied.
Considering all of the above defects, the vessel is UNSEAWORTHY & UNSAFE for the crew to stay onboard.
We humbly request the Honorable Sheriff of Mumbai port, to please kindly grant necessary orders/ directives to P & I club local representatives, to urgently disembark all the remaining 7 crew members from the vessel urgently and save our lives. SOS SOS SOS

Warm regards,
Master/Chief engineer
Capt. Mohammed AL Husseini/ Ravikumar Kaliveettil
MV Ocean Explorer
1. Capt . Mohammed Al Husseini – Syrian
2. Kanwar Singh Chief Officer- Indian
3. Ravikumar Kaliveettil C/E- Indian
4. Pradeep Kumar K 3/E – Indian
5. Jafartaj Mujawar, oiler – Indian
6. Mukesh Bari , Fitter – Indian
7. Avadhesh , Cook - Indian

Gouv. de Panama (26 août 2022)
Through email dated June 27, 2022, the P&l Correspondent notified that the Honorable Bombay High Court has granted sale of the vessel, the Court had appointed an appraisal to carry out valuation of the vessel, and once the valuation is completed all potential buyers will be boarding the vessel for inspection. Finally, indicated that:
If all goes well smoothly, we can be optimistic that the sale process will be completed by end of Aug and all the current crew can be repatriated at the same time. ... "

Organisation non-gouvernmentale (18 octobre 2022)
All seafarers have signed off and they have reached their home. Based on our communication with seafarer regarding pending wages of crew, lawyer has informed them verbally that it will take 5 to 6 months time to settle pending wages.

Gouv. de Panama (20 mars 2024)
In response to the labor complaint filed against the vessel "OCEAN EXPLORER", with IMO No. 9303637, we provide you with the latest

Aug 22, 2022. Through Email dated Aug 22, 2022, addressed to ITF, we requested to know who is inspector taking care of this casa, as we received the following information
"... The new owners has taken over the vessel.
Six Indian national crew members have left the vessel on 5 Aug 22 with two via train, two via flight and remaining two via private car transportation. The Egyptian Master was repatriated on 15 Aug 22 as his passport has to be renewed prior to his departure, with that all 7 crew have now been repatriated to their country of residence .... "

Aug 24, 2022. Through Email dated Aug 24, 2022, reiterate Email dated Aug 22, 2022, addressed to ITF, requesting information.

Aug 24, 2022. ITF responded the following:
" ... I am trying to confirm with our inspector in Mumbai that the seafarers have received their owed wages, despite the statement from ISWAN that the crew have been paid. I am
sure you appreciate that a third party informing that the claim is settled is not sufficient for us to close it. It you have copies of any remittance advices, then I would be happy you receive them .... "
Sep 23, 2022. Through Email dated Sep 23, 2022, addressed to ITF, following our previous communication, have you been able to obtain a respond from your Inspector in Mumbai, regarding is the seafarers have received their wages?
Oct.. 05, 2022. Kind Reminder of Email dated Sep 23, 2022.
Mar. 22, 2023. Kind Reminder of Email dated Sep 23, and Oct. 10, 2023.
Feb. 02, 2024. Through Email dated Feb. 02, 2024, addressed to ITF, following our previous communication, have you been able to obtain a respond from your Inspector in Mumbai of the current status?

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