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Nova Caledonia[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00617
Nom du navire:Nova Caledonia[resolved]
Pavillon:Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
No. OMI (7 chiffres):8518807
Port d'abandon:Noadhibou, Mauritania
Date d'abandon:19 janvier 2022
Date de notification:21 janvier 2022
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:20
Nationalités:Congo, République démocratique du(2); Philippines(4); Pologne(1); Russie, Fédération de(5); Ukraine(8)
Circonstances:P&I : Unknown

Manager: SENATEC MARINE BV in the Netherlands
Crew are owed 2 months wages Owners informed the crew that they will receive salary at
completion of charter (end of January, so 3
months no payment of wages)
All crew want to sign off the vessel
Vessel is low on provisions, water and fuel
Actions entreprises:20 janvier 2022: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé
ITF has contacted the owner and the flag state, no response to any ITF communication
Situation concernant le rapatriement:21 janvier 2022: En attente de rapatriement
All crew want to be repatriated
Commentaires et observations:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (20 janvier 2022)
Medical attention refused, see below. No reaction on request for medical appointment and repatriation.
1. Chief Officer has completed his duration of engagement on board MV NOVA CALEDONIA on 23 December 2021. Even if
one counts the 2 weeks extra the duration of engagement is expired. As the last SEA is clearly an extension and
it cannot be extended; the gent is not any longer covered with a valid SEA. The latter is a breach of the MLC 2006, STD A2.1.1.a.
2. One seafarer, Mr. Zawada is on medication. At present, the medication is finished. Hence Mr. Zawada urgently needs to visit a doctor visit to check his medical condition and provide the needed medication. If the latter is not granted, there is a breach of MLC 2006, STD A.4.2.1. Ship management must
arrange for a medical appointment immediately.
3. More than half of the crew have no valid employment contract anymore (expired)
4. Another ship, the KUBILAI KHAN, owned by the same owner has also been submitted as an abandonment case

Organisation maritime internationale (1 février 2022)
The Polish C/O, Mr. Zawada, who is 65 years old and whose contract expired in November 2021, is out of medicaments for high blood pressure and he needs most urgently to be repatriated.
A contact person within the Polish Ministry of Transport has contacted the Polish Embassy in Rabat, which has under its territorial competence also the area of Mauretania, and that the Polish C/O is recommended to contact the Polish Embassy in Rabat if he is in a need of consular assistance.
IMO was also informed last week that that the Nova Caledonia was proceeding to Banjul, Gambia with ETA 23 Jan 2022 10:00:00.

Gouv. de Pologne (1 février 2022)
We have taken steps to verify the provided information and have contacted the Polish Embassy in Rabat, which has under its territorial competence also the area of Mauretania. We have been informed that the case of the abandoned seafarer is not known to the Embassy. There was no notification of such issue before. Therefore, if the seafarer of question is in a need of consular assistance it is recommended that he contact the Polish Embassy in Rabat, contact details:
Polish Embassy in Rabat
adress: 23, av. Oqbah, B.P. 425, 10 090 Rabat. Maroc
phone: +212 537 77 11 73; +212 767 35 85 72 (urgent issues)
fax: +212 537 77 85 66

Gouv. de Pologne (2 février 2022)
We kindly inform, that we have got the confirmation from the Maritime Office in Gdynia, which supervises the Marine Manning Service Sp. z o.o, which participated in the seafarer recruitment, that the proper medicaments for high blood pressure were provided to Mr. A. Zawada and that his return home is arranged in the port of Tema.

Gouv. de Congo, République démocratique du (7 février 2022)
In connection with the vessel Nova Caledonia, we have obtained the following information from the Owner:
‘’First of all, it is necessary to put the events in their context.
The advent in November 2021 of articles published by a group of NGOs and some international media as part of a global investigation project called "CONGO HOLD UP", relating to embezzlement of public funds in the DRC, cited and accused AFRICAN SHIPPING.
This media campaign had a strong impact, namely:
- The blocking of the bank account of our Crew and Financial management in the Faroe Islands SHIPPING FO;
- Impossibility for SHIPPING FO to carry out crew changes because it can no longer be able to issue contracts for sailors. This led to the situation where several crew members asked to disembark while for security reasons a minimum number must be present on board and their possible replacements could not board without a contract.
- Difficulty in making payments for marine salaries and supplier invoices
Unable to perform its duties normally, shipping.For our crew and financial management has terminated our contract, see attached.
In the meantime, we have reorganized to meet our obligations.
This is how the Nova Caledonia was chartered leaving Mauritania on 01/21/2022, attached the clearance, to go to Gambia, attaching the Notice of Readness, to complete the loading of its cargo there. Currently the ship is on its way to Ghana to unload.
For the Chief Officer, of Polish origin, the crew management has already made arrangements with the local shipping agent for his disembarkation in Tema, Ghana. We will send you the elements proving his disembarkation.
Regarding salary arrears, the vessel operator has undertaken to pay them upon receipt of the freight of the cargo on board, normally this week.
For the Kublai Khan, following her layup, the crew was disembarked and repatriated.
After this tumultuous period, we finally find some normality’’

Gouv. de Pologne (9 février 2022)
I kindly inform that Mr. A. Zawada should be tomorrow afternoon in Poland.
The wages for November – December 2021 and January 2022 have been already paid to Mr. A. Zawada by the shipowner.
The shipowner also undertook to pay the wages for the past few days of February.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (10 février 2022)
We were advised by the next of kin that Mr. Zawada arrived safe home today around noontime local time.
Trust above is of information.
Other elements in the case still pending for settlement: repatriation of remaining crew and confirmation of payment of wages.
With regards to living conditions: majority of ordered provisions received

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (24 octobre 2023)
Vessel appears to have been laid up since February 2022. All crew have been repatriated and outstanding wages paid.

Saisie: mardi - 24 octobre 2023 a 10:23:25
Dernière mise à jour: mardi - 24 octobre 2023 a 10:23:49
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