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Sea Power[resolved]


Abandonment ID: 00518
Nom du navire:Sea Power[resolved]
Pavillon:Marshall, îles
No. OMI (7 chiffres):9322126
Port d'abandon:Jebel Ali-Dubai, UAE
Date d'abandon:1 février 2021
Date de notification:5 février 2021
Gouvernement ou entité rapportante:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF)
Nombre de marins:25
Nationalités:Grèce(3); Inde(3); Philippines(19)
Circonstances:P&I: West of England

Chemical/Products Tanker

2 seafarers contacted the ITF and informed that they were not paid respectively 5 and 3 months. They added that the rest of the crew were not paid.
In addition, the complainant states that the Filipino crew on board have not been paid for almost 6 months.
Quote: “We the seafares are all filipino crew, were onboard in MT sea power are badly needs your help because the company did not pay our salary for almost 6 months now”
Actions entreprises:1 février 2021: L'Etat du Pavillon à été informé

Company contacted and requested action to settle the claims.
Local maritime authorities contacted and informed.
Situation concernant le rapatriement:En attente de rapatriement
Awaiting details.
Paiement des salaires:En attente de paiement
For the 2 crew who contacted the ITF the outstanding wages are: US$15,330 US$5,138 respectively for 5 and 3 months.

Partiellement réglé
November, December 2020 and January 2021 wages have been received.
Commentaires et observations:Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (5 février 2021)
As at 05/02/2021 there has been not received from the owners.
Contact has been established with the Flag State.

Gouv. de Emirats Arabes Unis (23 février 2021)
From Federal Maritime Authority
We have communicated with the Flag (Marshall Islands) for the vessel : Sea Power IMO Number 9322126, who has informed us the case has been resolved and the seafarers has been paid their pending wages.

Autre (23 février 2021)
From International Registries, Inc
The Sea Power case has been resolved and the seafarers have been paid their pending wages.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (5 mars 2021)
Vessel has detained by the flag state.
Some payments have been gradually made to cover for November, December 2020 and January 2021.
We are seeking confirmation that the crew have been paid all outstanding wages.
The evidence of payments provided by the vessel managers are not convincing as they were documents signed by the crew that do not show exact amounts. No copies of bank transfers have been seen.
February wages remain unpaid at the current time

Gouv. de Philippines (5 mars 2021)
We referred this to our consulate in Dubai which reported last February 24, 2021 that they had been in touch with the vessel's Filipino Chief mate by telephone who said that the vessel was anchored in Fujairah, UAE. The Filipino Captain of the vessel disembarked and left for the Philippines on 19 February 2021 and before he disembarked, the crew members' unpaid salaries were settled by him. All 18 remaining Filipino crew members onboard the vessel are in good spirits and good health and the Filipino seafarer assured the Consulate and the welfare officer they will contact the consulate should they need further assistance.
The Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs in the Department of Foreign Affairs also wrote the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency about this matter last February 24, 2021.
We requested our Consulate in Dubai as well the DFA for additional information as regards repatriation of the seafarers and will inform you of any updates as soon as available.

Gouv. de Inde (9 mars 2021)
I am directed to refer to your email dated 23.02.2021 informing this office about the abandonment of vessel sEA POWER at Jebel Ali, UAE since 01.02.2021 having 25 Seafarers on board (03 from Greece, 03 from lndia, and 19 from Philippines). lt is also informed that all the seafarers have not been paid for 03-06 months.
2. ln this regard, it is stated that on examining the E-Gov System maintained in the Directorate, it is observed that presently no lndian Seafarer is reported to have on board the said vessel.
3. However, the matter was taken up with the Flag State i.e. Republic of Marshall lslands, who vide its email dated 26.02.2021 has confirmed that there are no lndian Seafarer on the said vessel.
4. ln view of the above, it is requested that the matter may please be confirmed from the source of the complaint for considering the issue as settled and the same may please be updated in the IMO/ILO Database.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (10 mars 2021)
From ITF Arab World and Iran Network Coordinator
We would like to inform you that unfortunately until now, the company has presented no evidence at all of the payments and bank transfers to the crew.
We have raised this to the flag state MI with whom we are in constant and continous contact working on this particular point to be clarified and confirmed by getting the needed appropriate evidences of the payments of outstanding wages of November, December and January from the company.
As to February wages, these have not been paid yet.

Gouv. de Philippines (11 mars 2021)
From Philippine Embassy, London
I would just like to inform you that according to a report dated 8 March 2021 from the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, the Captain of MT Sea Power maintains that the issue on the back wages of the vessel's crew members has been resolved.
The Captain noted that when the complaint was filed, the only delay was in the issuance of the extra compensation for three (3) months (from November 2020 to January 2021), and one month fixed wage for the month of January. While the company was finalizing the payment plan, the Flag state boarded the ship on 08 February 2021 to conduct an investigation. Upon confirming that the extra wage payments were delayed for 3 months, the Flag state ordered the abandonment of the vessel until the company has paid the crew. On 15 February 2021, the company was able to settle all the outstanding remunerations of the crew and the Flag ordered the release of the vessel.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (31 mars 2021)
From ITF Arab World and Iran Network Coordinator
We have received confirmations from the crew that the November, December 2020 and January 2021 wages have been received. We are now looking forward for the settlement of the outstanding wages of February and March 2021.
We are continuously in contact and working closely with the Flag State to have the outstanding wages settled.

Gouv. de Marshall, îles (13 décembre 2021)
Sea Power is released from the Detention Order which on the vessel on 27 Feb 2021 for non-compliance with Marshall Islands Maritime Law and Regulations and International Regulations subject to additional DOC audit of the company scheduled for 3rd March 2021, verifying that payments due to seafarers are made in accordance with seafarer's employment agreement and applicable convention requirements and audit report to be provided to the Administrator.
The Detention Order is lifted as of 2 Mar 2021 at 2200 Hrs.

Fed. int. des ouvriers du transport (ITF) (25 juillet 2022)
All outstanding wages for 4 months (March – June) was paid on 22nd July 2022.

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